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Jobooza Students is a platform that matches companies in Japan that want to actively recruit IT engineers and other science-related personnel with talented international science and engineering students from Japan’s top universities who have a high level of expertise and want to work in Japan. This service allows corporate recruiters to approach and communicate with Japan’s largest talent pool of science and engineering professionals and to recruit them, enabling companies to actively promote their own recruitment activities for talented IT engineers.

Our founding member, a foreign engineer, devised and created “jobooza students” based on his own experiences, so he is able to understand the various problems faced by foreign engineers and international students, and is able to resolve these problems and support their job hunting activities.
On-boarding support Starting a new life involves a lot of procedures. This is especially true if you are a foreigner.You need to sign a contract for a cell phone, move, open a bank account, get a certificate of residence, and get health insurance.Sudden injuries and illnesses. And raising children.

Many foreigners are bewildered by the procedures necessary for living in Japan, and many troubles arise every day due to unintentional failure to meet deadlines.This situation is very stressful for both foreigners and Japanese.

The term “onboarding” originally referred to the process of providing the necessary support and familiarization to new crew members and passengers on a ship or plane.We will provide the necessary support and familiarization services to our new fellow foreigners in Japan.
Recruiting Service This service is designed to meet the needs of companies that want to solve the problem of securing engineers with niche specialties such as image processing, AI, and full-stack engineers in a way that best suits their company. We propose services that meet your needs, from headhunting to acting as an agent for recruitment.