Miki Uchida

Work beyond the distance. Communicate from heart to heart.

A platform that solves Japan’s engineers shortage problem

Advice and Assist Job Hunting from the Perspective of International Students

I bridge tech and people through technology.

Miki Uchida
CEO / Representative Director, Social Entrepreneur Born in Nagano Prefecture. After graduating from Rikkyo University Faculty of Law, she went on to graduate school to obtain a Master’s Degree in law. While working, she studied at Temple University in the U.S., where she received her LL. M. and an MBA from Temple University in the U.S. She took advantage of her language skills to work as a liaison for Nikon’s overseas customers.

She has more than 6,000 overseas projects under her belt, and has successfully conducted client meetings in countries around the world. In gratitude for the encouragement and support she received from various seniors and business partners during her study abroad, she started up Uprithm, a company that introduces and follows up on candidates from different backgrounds and life stages.

In March 2021, as part of the company’s efforts to introduce foreign IT engineers and others to Japan, Uprithm will also open “Jobooza Students,” a company that specializes in helping foreign students of science and technology who wish to work for Japanese companies. She is an “expert in new things, things and ways of thinking” and Vice President of The X Future, a corporate innovation platform. With the mission of “bridging Japan and the world through technology and people,” she travels the world every day to act like a mother in a house (company) where IT engineers can shine. Currently, she enjoys living in Nagano and Tokyo, as she wants to contribute to the local community while enjoying nature. She loves Surfing, sailing, mountain hiking, and other outdoor activities..
Work beyond the distance.
Communicate from heart to heart.
There are many excellent foreign IT engineers in the world. There are many students who are studying in Japan because they are fascinated by Japanese manufacturing, and there are many young people who want to work for Japanese companies.

However, due to language barriers, lack of information, and differences in customs, the reality is that there are many IT engineers who return to their home countries without developing their excellent skills and abilities. In August 2019, I founded Uprithm Corporation, a company that recruits foreign IT professionals.

When I was studying in the U.S. for my master’s degree in law and business administration, I had a lot of help from many people in the company. When I was young, I was not an honorable employee. However, my seniors and business partners encouraged me and nurtured me with their compassion. Without their support, I would not have been able to open up a future that would advance my career and life. Now, as an entrepreneur, I am thinking about providing support for international students who are struggling to find jobs in Japan.
A platform that solves
Japan’s engineers shortage problem
I launched “Jobooza Students,” a job information website designed specifically for international students of science and technology who wish to work for Japanese companies. I wanted to create a relationship that would allow both international students and Japanese companies to enjoy working effectively together. I would like to play the role of a mother in this big house and gently watch over the journeys of the foreign people in Japan.

Along with job matching, I would like to overcome the language and cultural barrier by helping people find jobs in Japan, explaining job-hunting customs and guiding resume editing. For example, in Europe, the U.S., and many other countries, there is no system for hiring new graduates at once as a batch, so even if you want to find a job in Japan, lack of information and communication are overwhelming the international students to move forward.

On Jobooza Students, we share some tips about job seekers, including work experience, in English, for getting connected to a right role that matches the career directions. Those tips also include how to write a resume, how to showcase yourself, and even how to conduct an interview. Jobooza students also offer a chat function for individual consultation, so I think it is a useful website for both Japanese companies looking for great talents and the international students who want a great place to work in Japan.
Advice and Assist Job Hunting from
the Perspective of International Students
As Japanese society faces a labor shortage due to a declining population, it is no longer uncommon to see foreigners working in Japan. And, the environment of working with foreigners will become more and more common in the future. The number of foreign workers has been increasing rapidly in recent years, and Japanese companies attain high expectations for foreign workers.

However, Japanese laws and HR services have not been able to keep up with the demand to hire foreigners. Underprepared responses to the labor shortage has made it easy to create inappropriate matches where someone is unintentionally sacrificed in terms of business model and work environment. By solving this problem, I hope to not only connect foreign candidates with Japanese companies, but also to use IT technology to bring about a positive impact on society in the future so that both Japanese people and the foreigners can find a happy environment in Japan.
I bridge tech and people
through technology.
I am currently working from two locations; one in Shibuya, Tokyo, and the other in Nagano Prefecture, where the mountains are beautiful. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, drinking Nagano’s delicious water and sipping coffee while gazing at the snowy mountains gives me inspiration for new ideas. As you can see, a different perspective is very important in business and the ideas that come from working with a foreigner can open up new possibilities. In the future, I would like to help change the world through technology and bringing a new wind into the HR business.