Make Japan a great place for everyone みんなにとって日本を住みやすい場所に
Bringing Happiness to the People of the World
Living in Japan with the Power of Technology
Today, there are far more foreigners living in Japan than Japanese people could have imagined. There are approximately 2.93 million foreigners living in Japan, about 2.3% of the Japanese population.

However, due to language and cultural barriers, both foreigners and Japanese living in Japan are under a lot of stress.

In order to make it easier to overcome the language and cultural barriers they face, it is necessary to create a “staircase”.
We will use technology to create the “stairs” and contribute to the infrastructure for people around the world to live happily in Japan.
Did you know? There are many difficulties that people from overseas face in order to live in Japan.
That’s why we decided to start “stair building” to overcome the language and cultural barriers.
Jobooza Students
Jobooza Students is a platform that simultaneously solves the problem of job hunting faced by international students in science and engineering, and the stable recruitment of IT engineers and other science-related human resources by startups and technology companies.
Onboarding Support
Daily life itself is full of hurdles. We provide support for new fellow foreigners to get used to Japan and prevent stress for both foreigners and Japanese.
"Make Japan a great place for everyone"
Nowadays people from overseas are working across Japan at your office, convenience store, and restaurants, etc… It is said that there are 2.93 million people. The Japanese language and culture are still big hurdles for those immigrants. Small clerical tasks are their pain points such as getting a phone and payment of the utility bills.
We would like to explore ways to become a little nicer for all people both locals and immigrants in Japan.
CEO Interview
Promise to our users and people
Be open. Keep learning.
A surprise for you can triger learning and unlearning.Therefore, we welcome surprises.
Be compassionate.
Life is full of hard things to decide. We want to honor the stakeholders value and be compassionate to make decisions. We believe it is the fundamentals of human being.
Be innovative.
Innovation is a must-do to make Japan a great place to live and work. To make smooth and nice Japanese society, we will keep making something new and support the innovations that you are making from time to time.
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