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Do you want to reduce your anxiety that “We have advertised for more than half a year but there is no profit” or “The required skills are too specific to find the ideal engineers”?
Jobooza, our job borders for global engineers and companies, attracts excellent engineers who want to work in Japan. You can directly contact excellent engineers not only in Japan but also overseas as if you were using SNS.
For details, click the link here to see the jobooza website.
Recruiting Service It is a traditional headhunting service.
As we are strong in engineering, we can propose optimal engineers in cooperation with domestic and overseas reliable partners. In particular, we also accept consultations on holding recruitment events overseas such as India and Taiwan, which have many excellent engineers.
This service uses the following flow.

1) 30 minutes online free consultation application
2) Please tell us the details of your consultation
3) Conclusion of recruitment contract
4) Please check the resume of the candidate found in our network
5) We will set up an interview with the candidate of your choice.
Online is recommended for the primary interview
6) We will set the hiring conditions together
7) On-boarding support is available upon request
8) Start working of hired engineers

We are currently holding a 30-minute free consultation.
Please feel free to contact us.
Consulting Our consulting service focuses on building a network between you and great engineers, BD, and startups. Our consultant is familiar with the startup ecosystem globally. Contact us for a 30 min online free consultation.
On-boarding support Is there anyone else who wants to graduate from the “quick turn over” culture?
You want them to be active for a long time after hiring…Let’s make that wish come true.
Uprithm will perform global HR operations for your companies on behalf of the following three types of support. If you are a company that wants to prevent job separation, please contact us in private.

1. System for building a relationship of trust between engineers and companies
One of the many reasons why foreign engineers quit in a short period of time is that they have a weak relationship of trust with companies.
Therefore, Uprithm helps to build a relationship with employees before joining the company by conducting “meetings with employees before joining the company” and “sharing the contents of the job” . These programs are designed so that they can understand what kind of role it plays.

2. Companion support
Next reason why engineers tend to quit is that they can’t understand what kind of role their work plays in a company and lose their passion.
Thus, as an “accompaniment support”, Uprithm will help them to get rid of anxiety by providing personal support by slack for about 3 months so that you can understand the role of engineers.

3. Start-life in Japan support
Living in a foreign country means living in a completely different social system. “What? Does that happen?” sometimes happens. Due to cultural differences, international engineers make incredible mistakes in documents used for administrative procedures, missing required documents, unexpected credit card billing, etc. These factors prevent them from focusing on working. Uprithm supports successful start for these engineers with three main types of support based on the actual experience of overseas life of the founding team.

a. VISA acquisition support
At a first glance, it’s nothing. Then, it may turn out that it interferes with visa acquisition and renewal. We will introduce guidance on preparation and an experienced administrative scrivener.

b. Guidance on procedures at government offices and banks
For internationals who do not understand the language and customs, the government office and banking procedures are full of anxiety. Small mistakes hinder the labor management of the company and subsequent life in Japan. We, Uprithm members, have had a hard time studying abroad and working.
By providing guidance on necessary procedures and how to write documents in advance, we will prevent mistakes in the procedure and achieve a smooth start of life here.
We have also built a system in Slack that allows them to contact the Uprithm support team immediately, eliminating the anxiety of engineers. Create an environment where you can concentrate on your work.

c. Residence support
Japan has different languages ​​and lifestyles.
Suddenly finding a home is a difficult task. For engineers, we recommend that engineers live in shared houses where they can easily commute for several months after entering Japan. This helps them to spare longer time to focus on all the important things for living in Japan such as administrative activities and long-term accommodation. They can reduce their stress at the beginning of life and concentrate on their works.