「Work beyond the distance, communicate from heart to heart」


Hi! My name is Miki Uchida, Founder & CEO at Uprithm. Probably, for most of you, it may be your first time seeing me. I am even not a professional writer and English is my second language. But, I decided to write this little message to share my passion for this venture. I hope that you enjoy reading it.

I am just an ordinary human being from Japan who is bothered by her day to day life. I have been always in the middle of Japan and overseas. I received my master’s degrees in Japan and the U.S. I worked for Japanese companies as well as American companies. Because I was always in the middle of Japan and overseas, I have more than 5000+ international transactions. However, this experience can tell only my skills and still need to describe in-depth about the core of my entrepreneurship.

When I was a young working professional, I was worried very much about skills, values, and family. And, lack of confidence brought up troubles at work at times. Fortunately, I met someone who was willing to help me in a terrible situation. They were from India, the U.S., Russia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan. They looked different and they spoke different languages. I still remember their encouragement. Thanks to them, I stopped to give up, created strategies and chose to keep moving forward. “Because I hired you”, “because I mentored you” and “because I want you to use your talent”, those reasons represented their courtesy and compassion.

When I was looking for a theme for my venture, I learned the issue of Japan’s engineer shortage. And, I immediately thought that I could help my loving country, Japan by connecting to the global engineer’s community, such as marketing, improve the interview process that can manage language barrier and retention. And, we could build the new workplace based on compassion and courtesy and make our dream come true: Work beyond the distance. Communicate from heart to heart.

First, we are very excited about offering three kinds of services, (1) jobooza, our global networking platform with engineers, (2) traditional recruiting business, and (3) on-boarding support.

We are aiming that the new work culture will come out from this little initiatives, people can enjoy working productively and the engineer shortage issue will be resolved.

Thank you very much!



Founder, CEO

Mediated and consulted on over 5,000 technology transactions. Created the backbone of Nikon’s innovation ecosystem. She is strongly good at bridging between Japan and overseas. Currently committee member, JST SCORE Program. Miki holds LL.M and EMBA at Temple University.


Lead Engineer

Fullstack engineer with 5 years experience in S/W development with expertise in scalable infrastructure and intuitive user experiences. MEXT scholar at Tokyo Institute of Technology, System Control. International Physics Olympiad Medalist.


UX Designer

A creative designer with experience in the digital and marketing industry, specializing in visual and UI/UX design, with the passion for web development. Ex Uber Creative Assistant. Ex Postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh.


Marketing Associate

Ako has an extensive experience in Marketing in hospitality industry. Ako is passionate about enabling communication with the audience from scratch. Now, she wants to empower Japanese society by bridging Japan and overseas. Rikkyo University, College of Tourism.


HR Consultant, Lead

Organization Development and Business Development professional with 8 years of experience in the energy and power generation industry. Extensive experience in strategic HR including corporate restructuring following M&A. Graduated from Universitas Indonesia, University of Queensland, and Kyoto University. Has lived in several countries with a broad and deep understanding of different cultures around the world.