Build a society that you want with the collaboration of the people all over the world
Now you can travel by getting flight tickets at cheaper price. Now you can fly and meet your friends and family overseas. Why don’t you team up with people whom you like at anywhere in the world? Why not?
We will help talented people to work anywhere and with anybody that they can perform full. Swing 120%, work with your team and clients and change the world that you live!
We, Uprithm, are a global team based in Japan. We are working hard to develop the next generation workplaces from the most challenging place regarding the work culture, Japan to the world.


Miki was born to a family full of entrepreneurs, ironworks, flower arrangement school, and semiconductor packaging. Since her childhood, she always wanted to create something new between Japan and overseas and make the communities happier. Without deciding what to pursue, she started working for a company as a liaison of technology transactions after getting her law degree in Japan in 1998.
Since then, she realized slowing down the economy and losing the vitality of her mother country, Japan. Miki worked very hard to connect Japanese companies and technologies from overseas. However, the situation of her loving country is getting worse, she felt. She asked the reasons to herself, her friends and experts, for years and years. She learned the fact that Japan is losing its bridges to the world through her work. Therefore, Miki decided to build new bridges that will reconnect Japan and overseas by herself through her business. One day, she learned the fact that Japan was in an extreme shortage of engineers. She immediately felt that it would be great if she could bridge the international engineers and Japan, which is Uprithm.
As of March 2020, we have built connections with Taiwan and India.



Miki Uchida
Founder, CEO

Mediated and consulted on over 5,000 technology transactions. Created the backbone of Nikon’s innovation ecosystem. She is strongly good at bridging between Japan and overseas. Currently committee member, JST SCORE Program. Miki holds LL.M and EMBA at Temple University.

Lead Engineer

Fullstack engineer with 5 years experience in S/W development with expertise in scalable infrastructure and intuitive user experiences. MEXT scholar at Tokyo Institute of Technology, System Control. International Physics Olympiad Medalist.

UX Designer

A creative designer with experience in the digital and marketing industry, specializing in visual and UI/UX design, with the passion for web development. Ex Uber Creative Assistant. Ex Postgraduate student at the University of Edinburgh.

Project manager

Mao studies engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. Member of the Student Association to increase the interaction between Japanese and international students at the university. Currently commit to build another student association to encourage the students to study abroad there. Studied in Germany for one year.